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In March 2010 the Congress passed and the President signed into law the Affordable Care Act. The landmark legislation includes the begining of health care reform that will ultimately change how health care providers are reimbursed. While much debate, legal challenges and possible legisltive changes may or may not be in the future, most experts agree health care reform will likely remain. The Act ushered in the era of Accountable Care, a concept of emphasizing quality and outcomes, not volume of services, in the reimbursement of health care services.
What is Accountable Care?

Accountable care is the concept of holding providers accountable for the care they deliver. A study published in the NE Journal of Medicine showed that 1 in 5 patients being discharged from the hospital were re-admitted within 30 days of discharge. With the above legislation, hospitals will be rewarded or penalized based on the outcomes of their patients, even after they discharge them.

The Importance of Post Acute Collaboration

Hospitals across the country are implementing strategies intended to improve the quality of care processes within their facilities with varying degrees of success. However, one common need in most every health system is to improve the coordination of care within the post acute continuum. This collaboration between hospitals, physicians and other post acute providers, along with the sharing of successful ideas and strategies, is the focus and purpose of our Expos.
About Accountable Care
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Don Berwick, CMS Administrator explains ACOs